Too Many Places to Share!

Guys, my friends know that I’m a very confusing person and they tend to be dizzy around me because I talk about many things at the same time and I go back and forth from one subject to another. Perhaps because I think faster than I can speak, although if you know me, you know very well that I speak very fast. My father in law many times tells me, “Isabel, please, speak slowly or I can’t understand you.” We laugh a lot every time we meet. I love him and my mother in law. It’s guaranteed laughs!

Anyway, so, last week, due to work, I had to write again on my website! Here’s the blog I posted and I wanted you to know about it. There are so many outlets now that we can post that I feel like my friends around me, dizzy!

The fact is guys, that I started to make money with my blogs and it feels pretty good to make money by writing… this is the thing I like the most! If you would like to learn more about it and make some money yourself, you’d better start to follow me there as well, because I’ll post most of the stuff money related there, for obvious reasons. Apparently, I became a very popular blogger and my profile received three badges, Influencer, High Closer and today I received the badge Very Popular and I’m receiving more offers because of that blog, so I’m grateful for that! If you would like for me to send you a link so you can join and for me to give you more information, please, let me know. I’ll need your email address though. Feel free to send me private messages with your email address on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, if we are friends there, or through my website as well. If I can make money, so can you, therefore, there are no excuses!

I have supporters everywhere and they follow me in various platforms. If they follow me on Amazon, they will receive the blogs I write here, plus if I publish any other book, they receive the information right way directly from Amazon. My friends on Twitter probably are the ones that receives all my posts because, no matter where I post, except if I post something on Facebook, they will see my posts because I share everything I post on Twitter. And sometimes, if I don’t want certain people to know what I’m posting, I post only on Twitter. haha Now you know it… but I’m sure they don’t, because I know certain people are not connected to me here.

Well, that’s all I had to tell you for now guys… I just wanted you to know about my other blog post on my website… I don’t have the heart to quit this blog because I love interacting with you guys, so my heart is here… There is work… here is fun! Besides, I’ve been here for over 10 years. I just saw that I have 3,075 subscribers to this blog, WOW! Thank you so much guys!! If you like this post, I’ll certainly return the gesture and following you back. I’m so grateful for you all! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I’m still learning this process, so I’ll figure it out if I can just post the link anyone can join with the link, otherwise, I will need your email guys. Let me know if it works for you. When you join with the link I send you in the email, I make money, and when you join, you can do that too, I mean, make money, by inviting your friends with the link as well, your own link. For you to make money, they will need to sign up, which mean, if you sign up with my link, yes, I’ll make some money.

Did I make you dizzy yet? haha

Cheers and talk to you soon.


Isabel Canzoneri

About Bel Canzo

I see myself as a Jack of All Trades. I've done pretty much everything as far as jobs are concerned and today I guess I still see myself like that as I'm an Actress, a Blogger, a Writer, a Property Manager, a Travel Blogger and sometimes a Publicist, Producer... I wish I could sing and play an instrument... I tried that, well, playing a few instruments but I have no patience so I gave up every time I tried. (Sigh). I never tried to sing, just in the shower or whenever I'm driving or have the radio on... I sing along and as I can hear myself, I sound pretty good at it! Aww, isn't that nice to wish? Wishes do come true though, keep that in mind. ;-)
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