Hotel and Motel. Do you know the difference in Brazil?

Okay, this is going to be a fun open talk.

So, let’s talk about the difference between hotel and motel in Brazil. You are going to laugh, or get mad at me. I hope not, because it is not my fault!

I’m sure you know the difference between Hotel and Motel in the USA, but I’m absolutely, 100% sure, you do not know the difference between them in Brazil. Do you? I didn’t think so, unless you cheated and just went to Google to find out!

All right, you probably remember when I talked to you about the kids leaving their parent’s house when they get married. See previous post here.

Did you get the hint? Okay, you are probably annoyed with me now: Isabel, what do you mean? What the heck this has to do with Motel? All right, I’m getting there. I will explain. I’m going straight to the point now… Motels in Brazil, and perhaps in other parts of the world as well, were created for people to go and spend few hours and have sex. There, I said it! Are you happy now?

Okay, now that you know the difference about Hotel and Motel in Brazil, I will talk a little bit more about the culture and motels.

As I said, most of the people get out of the parent’s house when they get married and of course you are not going to bring your girlfriend and have sex with her in the parent’s house, right? Well, some will. I know that here in the USA, a lot of people live with their boyfriend/girlfriend. In Brazil that happens too, but it is not so common. It is becoming more popular now, you know, people living together before they get married. Wow, I did sound like a very conservative person now, didn’t I? Anyway, nowadays, because of the violence and crimes, the parents would close their eyes to the fact their “kids” are probably having sex next door but at least they are safe at home!

Motels are also largely used for spouses that have an affair. There are many cases where the spouse finds out about the affair and have a detective to follow the couple and when that happens, you can imagine the scene. The person is catch in the act and a very expensive divorce is on the way.

Also, it is very common for an Executive to have an affair with a Secretary or a colleague from work and you are going to laugh now… Maybe not if you are a Secretary or the Executive that doesn’t do that and is included in the “fame”! I apologize, I really don’t want to offend anybody. I just want to talk openly about this. Anyway, the saying is that on the secretaries’ day, September 30th, the motels are completely full all day long. Some would say “the boss took the secretary for an “almoco executivo” (meaning business lunch in a motel).

And there are the cases that the guys or girls live alone and when they go out, they “get luck”, some would say, and at the end of the night, will bring their “catch of the night” (I know, it is horrible, but it is true) to the motel, instead of taking them home as they don’t want any commitment.

This situation is really common. The night clubs, specially, in the big cities, are crowded every weekend and even during the week days and with a huge number of singles, that prefer not to have a long term relationship with somebody, they go and some, or most of them, will end the night in the motel for a one night thing. No strings attached.

Some motels are very nice and some even sophisticated and some are a dump, just like hotels. You will see the difference before you even go in of course! The nice ones don’t have those neon lights blinking all night, begging for a couple or a group to come in! They are rather very discrete and the rooms would blow your mind so beautiful and tasteful and not mentioning how big they are. They can be easily compared to the VIP suites in a 4 or 5 star’s hotel. Some I would say are even better.

They all have a private garage, some for two and even five cars. I don’t need to talk about that, I mean, the five car garage! Some feature round beds. Most of them have mirrors all over, some even on the ceiling! Some has sauna, hot-tubes and even swimming pool, waterfall walls in a garden or pool area. Very private, very romantic. And they serve food (lunch, dinner, breakfast, all day long) in the room. Some have DVD and ALL of them has TV with channels with porn movies.

Some couples also go there to spice up their sex life in a special occasion! Anniversary, birthday… or just to get away from the kids.

In all the motels you have to leave your documents (both, you and your companion) in the reception, which by the way, you do your check in and check out from your car. They don’t even see you very well, specially the passenger. The document is necessary to try to prevent a minor of 18 years old to be there and of course, some people will try to sneak out without paying.

Oh, yes, some of them or maybe most or even all of them, sell sex shop products to make your time more fun. J

Oh, I almost forgot. The motels charge per period. The periods varies from motel. It can be One, two, three, four hours or twelve hours. Some of them, depending on the day, if you get there after certain time of the day or most common after midnight or 1am you can stay for 8 or twelve hours for the price of one period. Never assume that’s not always the case though. If you pass ten or fifteen minutes of the time, they will charge you another period or additional hour. The price per period varies from R$20 (about $10) to R$1200+ (about $600). Remember these prices are per period, whatever number of hours the period is. If you stay for the night, the breakfast is included in some motels.

There are good motel that the price per period range from R$120 (about $60) to R$400 (about $200). There are various  category, just like the hotels here. Standard to Presidential. But if you want something more glamorous and sophisticated, expect to pay up to R$1,200 ($600) per period!!

I believe I covered everything. If not, I will mention it again next time if the subject comes up.

Now that you know the difference, tell me, have you stayed in a motel in Brazil thinking you were in a regular hotel? I hope not. And I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

By: Isabel Canzoneri

About Bel Canzo

I see myself as a Jack of All Trades. I've done pretty much everything as far as jobs are concerned and today I guess I still see myself like that as I'm an Actress, a Blogger, a Writer, a Property Manager, a Travel Blogger and sometimes a Publicist, Producer... I wish I could sing and play an instrument... I tried that, well, playing a few instruments but I have no patience so I gave up every time I tried. (Sigh). I never tried to sing, just in the shower or whenever I'm driving or have the radio on... I sing along and as I can hear myself, I sound pretty good at it! Aww, isn't that nice to wish? Wishes do come true though, keep that in mind. ;-)
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