Cats Are So Interesting!

When I was a kid we had many cats. Living on a farm we had all kinds of animals around and I guess they were more like street cats, I don’t remember because my family moved to another city when I was only eight years old. I don’t even know if my family worried about the cats or other animals we had when they decided to move out to the “big city” in search for a better life. Now that I’m thinking about it, I’ll have to ask my siblings who were older than me, although I doubt they will remember. It’s been so long.

I have two cats now and I absolutely love them both. I became a cat lady and cat mom, who takes pictures of my kitties all the time and the other day I was watching videos of cats on the internet and I read pretty much everything about cats and there’s this website that I found that has all kinds of good stuff it and guess what? I found out that both of my kitties names are in one or two lists of most popular cat names! What?? I found that so cool.

One of my cat is thirteen years old, Izzy and Katie is 3. She is pretty knew in the house so they are still separated… you know, in the process of introduction. Izzy has to accept Katie before they can be left alone together, so each has a separate bedroom and during the day we switch them around the house. One stays on one side of the house (office, our bedroom, bathroom) and the other has the other part (second bedroom, living room and kitchen/dining area). When Izzy goes to sleep in her day bed aka second bedroom, we close her door and open the door of our bedroom so Katie can roam around… At night Katie sleeps in the office, a place she chose when we brought her home, and Izzy sleeps with us. We switch their blankets and brush them with the same brush so eventually they will have the same smell and will be easier for them to accept each other or at least tolerate each other, and this in the case for Izzy because she has been living in the house for thirteen years now. She is so sweet and wants to be friends with Izzy but Izzy is not having it. At night we play with both, Katie in the office, which is adjacent to our bedroom and Izzy in the bed… Katie sits there looking at Izzy and Izzy still hisses a bit but way less than before.

It’s a long process and they say it takes at least six months and so far Katie has been with us only for a month and a half so we still have work to do with them. But we certainly see the progress made so far.

What’s your cat’s name? Want to know if yours is on the list too? Check out their site here!

Hope you are having a wonderful day. Keep your pets safe and give them some love.

Talk to you soon! Cheers guys…

Meet Izzy / Kitty / White Socks / Princess / Baby Girl… we call her all these names but Izzy (she is Izzy only at the Vet). She is 13 years old!
And this is Katie… her name from shelter was Gemini / well I call her Katie or Precious. She is 3 years old!
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Beach, Bikinis and Burkinis

Today I was walking at the beach with my friend and I notice this girl walking at the beach with socks on and I thought it was very cleaver! I told my friend I had to take a picture to put in my blog but she had passed us and for some reason I didn’t take the picture. Will do the same next time I go, although I do like to walk bare feet in the water to suck up the energy from our Mother Earth! Many times I walk in my front and backyard barefoot and I love it.

Anyways, it got me thinking as I watched beach goers walk by or just seat at the sand, socking up the sun watching the waves coming and going. Wait, what sun? It was not out today, and it was a little cool so many people were wearing long sleeve t-shirt and sweatpants. For some reason Lyra came to my mind. Perhaps because I’m from Brazil and the beaches there are so crowded in comparison to the beaches here in the States, even in the most crowded days and the bikinis are very minimalist there. No, I don’t think that was the reason. Truth be told, the swimsuit from LYRA is simply gorgeous! Very beautiful and elegant pieces. I’ll have some pictures below. I’m sure you will agree with me. I would love to have some of the pieces and the pictures I got from their site are the ones that I liked the most! I can wear their swimsuit as a regular clothing for me. Seriously! I loved them since I saw a picture in a model. I believe it was on Instagram, I can’t remember but the image stuck to my mind so I had to find out what that was all about. I didn’t know it was a swimsuit then and that’s how I found out about how LYRA was created. Create! This is an amazing word isn’t it? Reminds me that we co-create our reality and this woman who created Lyra is an extraordinary woman, like so many women out there striving to thrive!

LYRA was created through one woman’s struggle to find swimwear that suited her lifestyle. As someone who dressed modestly, and also loved the outdoors, swimming and keeping fit, it intertwined with a keen eye for fashion, swimwear that incorporated all these things was impossible to find, so she decided to design her own“, that’s what I read on their website when I did my research.

You can check out their about page and find out more about her and how exactly LYRA was created at

Back to me and my friend. When we were walking back to our cars I saw the girl coming in our direction but she was very close so by the time I got my phone out to take a picture of her feet it was too late, she had passed us again but I turned around and snap a picture of her from the back. My friend said that people would think that I was a pervert or something like that, I can’t remember the word she used but I reminded her that people can think whatever they want. I always say that I don’t care about what people think about me and I really don’t. Whatever people think, it’s probably not my reality… It’s not reality and I showed her the picture I had taken from the girl and she smiled and said: “You are so write!” to which I replied: “I’m always right!” and we laughed because that what friends do. They laugh together!

Below are the pieces I liked the most! Kaftans, Swim Top and Beach Trousers! I’ll leave a short description of them which are in their website. They are beautiful modest swimsuits. I can see myself walking wearing those pieces on a beautiful beach or on a cruise, or anywhere I want because I can! Check them out and let me know what you think!

Cheers, Isabel Canzoneri

SANA Kaftan – Elegant double-breasted batwing kaftan dress cut with a loose fit.

MAYA Kaftan – Long shirtdress made from a light cotton fabric to create a clean and minimalist silhouette.

Inspired by surf suits, the SOFIA swimsuit offers a feminine edge, functional design and flattering fit. The full swimsuit option includes all 4 pieces: Swim-top: fitted bodysuit with front zip and contrast aztec print; Swim leggings: ankle length swim leggings with an elasticated mid waist fit; Skirt: detachable swim skirt for optional added coverage and Swim cap: fitted chic swim turban, with ruche detailing

Halima Swim Top – Sleek long-sleeve modest bodysuit swimtop, with a flattering wrap design and side ruching detail. Includes crotch fastening, for secure easy wear

Beach Trousers – Stripe

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A Blondy Stole My Heart…

When I first saw her I immediately fell in love! I was fascinated by her. She was wild! Her uniqueness. She stood out in the crowd. Her beauty. Her elegance. I admired her a lot. She used to live behind my place and when I moved out from where I lived, I still saw her around almost every day. Then, a year later she met a partner, which I believe, she must have fallen in love with and it didn’t take long for her to move to another house with him, her partner, her love. For my surprise, they moved across street from where I was now living and I was happy as I could see her more often. I could see her from my kitchen window everyday when she left the house in the morning when I was preparing breakfast and when she came back in the afternoon. Sometimes, because I work from home, I’d see her during the day too. I always said hi to her when I saw her and I have to say that I believe she saw me as a friend, or so I wished. I was still in love with her and I knew I would always be. Time goes by so fast and it’s been almost three years, perhaps over three years, I’m not sure.

Sometimes I would sit outside on the weekends just to watch her playing with her family and friends. I just watched, like a voyeur… I wish I could play with them… so I could be close to her. It was beautiful to see the way she protected the little ones… yes, she had babies and that didn’t change my feeling for her. It’s probably crazy to say that I loved their kids too. They were an extension of her… I couldn’t explain. I was happy for her… for her family. Love is love right? I was just so happy to see her every day. I looked forward to it every single day. She stole my heart!

Today my heart is broken into pieces because of her. It hurts to know that I won’t ever see her again. Just like that, she is gone, hit by a car and I feel so angry. Angry with people driving like maniacs. Angry because I couldn’t protect her. Angry because my little love is gone. My Blondy! My Little Blondy! My Little Blondy is gone and I’ll miss her dearly. Her little babies can’t understand what happened to their momma and I just hope they will be okay. R.I.P. my little Blondy… I always loved you and always will…

This is a post filled with love and pain… for my little Blondy…

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Sometimes I do Crazy Things… But I’m Very Lucky!

Guys, as you know I spent a week in Colorado last week. You can read the blog here!

Well, while I was there, my phone decided that it was not going to work. Call it limited internet, memory full, or whatever. I call it sabotage! And I’ll tell you why.

I had a zoom meeting/training on Wednesday and I had told the people I was meeting before hand that I would be in the mountains in Colorado and I didn’t know how the internet connection would be and I’m so glad I did that because I was not able to participate due to internet connection. In a way this was a blessing in disguise. When you travel, you have to disconnect and I love to disconnect completely when I’m on vacation… well, but this was not really a vacation, was it?

Well, what I really wanted to talk about is that I traveled without telling my bosses! I packed and just left. So, no, that was no a vacation and I’m such a lucky girl… and have always been! Nothing happened while I was gone, but it could have been a disaster and worst, I would have to tell my bosses that I was out of town and that would not look good for me.

I was receiving text messages when we arrived there and sure enough one of the residents texted me about a roof leak… the units I manage have flat roofs from time to time we have an occasional leak, even though we maintain them every year. Anyways, so I replied to her message and texted my handyman asking him to go check it out… I haven’t heard from her and he texted me back saying that there was no one home. He had the key of my house and I knew if he needed he would go in and get keys of the units in any emergency… but communication got really bad as I was not able to text or email or call or anything… I could take pictures though… so at least I could snap some pictures of my adventure! Geez. I kept trying to send messages to him and to her and it would not go. When I went back to the hotel at the end of the day, I was able to send an email from my laptop and I told her what happened and gave her his number and she replied that he stopped by and was scheduling a time to fix. After that, on Tuesday, even my emails from my laptop were not working.

My point here is that I’m so lucky that nothing happened at work while I was gone and that next time I will have a back up plan in case that ever happen again. Shiiiii, don’t tell my boss!

Have you ever done something like that and had a problem because of your thirsty for adventure?

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The Healing Road!

Hi guys!

Hope you are having a great weekend. I have been super busy lately with not one, not two, but three houses to rent! That’s what happens when you work in Real Estate, but it’s all good!

In the middle of all this, remember my incident in January? I wrote about a ski accident here! That was unfortunate, as I had just learned to ski and was in love. I was skiing in Truckee at Sugar Bowl with my husband, the culprit!

As soon as I got home, I went to the doctor because my knee was really hurting. It turns out I had a tear 2 ACL. Now that I was not expecting and I’m still doing physical therapy and I’m just happy I possibly didn’t need surgery. I say possibly, because that’s not set in stone yet, but I have faith that I won’t need that. Anyways, long story short, my husband scheduled another ski trip, this time to Winter Park, Colorado.

I’ve been to Colorado in 2004 and for those who knew me then, know that my trip didn’t end up well but today I say that it was a blessing in disguise! I didn’t ski then and I never thought that after 18 years I would be back to that same location and have so much fun with my new love again, AKA, ski!

We wanted to stay at Zephyr Mountain Lodge because you can basically get out of the hotel and just take a few steps to the gondola and a few yards from the chair lift, but they didn’t have availability for the dates we wanted, so we stayed at Winter Park Mountain Lodge, which was across street from the ski area and they have a free, and very short shuttle trip to the ski resort with the green line, that runs all day until 5:30 pm, so that was really convenient as we decided not to rent a car. WPML is an old lodge and it reflects in the bedroom, at least ours. The carpet was old, the bed was comfortable and a great view of the mountain. Because it it is an old hotel, the bathroom didn’t have a fan so you could see a bit of mold in a corner of the ceiling above the shower. We loved Ben, the kid that was there when we arrived. He greeted us very enthusiastically. Such an upbeat and very helpful kid. If he was our kid, we would be very proud parents. Breakfast consisted with scrambled eggs, bacon and I believe turkey patties, yogurt, milk, muffins, coffee, tea, fruit juices from the machine. The restaurant doesn’t open Monday and Tuesday so the first day we ate at Goodies Mountain Creperie and we both had Turkey Avocado Wrap, mine without meat, which was very good. Unfortunately they didn’t have crepes the day we went. Then we had a very delicious pizza at Pizza Pedal’r, so good guys! Both places were Ben’s recommendation. I have to share the pizza’s name and ingredients: Mo garlic infused olive oil base, fresh basil, fresh mozzarella and fresh tomatoes. Check out their menu! The kid who was making the dough was really good, tossing around the dough. We had a beer to accompany the pizza. The third night we ate at the Lodge and it was really good food too, plus the staff was great. I would totally stay there again but I would like to try Zephyr too. Will explore around.

Steve arranged for a transfer from the airport instead of renting a car and that was a great choice. We didn’t intend to leave the resort and venture around anyways. When we arrived at the resort, it was not snowing and we went to rent our equipment and just a few steps away we arrived at the base and when I looked up, I freaked out! Seriously, the run was so vertically high and I thought “how the hell am I going to ski this shit?” My brain and my knee started to communicate and my knee, obviously, was in agreement with my brain and hell, I was too! I told my husband that there was no way I could ski in that place and he told me he would get me an instructor and I would be fine. I didn’t want to spend money on a one on one instructor and I agreed to a group class and the next day, there we went… . I had my knee brace on of course. I was a bit nervous because I could screw my knee again so I told the instructor about my incident and she said I would be fine and if I had any problem to talk to her immediately. It was only me and two other people and we chatted a bit and off we went to the chair. Hell, we got to the top and I looked down… it was high guys… it was not like the runs I had skied in Sugar Bowl! So we went on a few runs and all was well and she thought we were good enough to go higher! “What?” There goes my brain and my knee freaking out again, but there we went!

The chair lift kept going, and going, and going and took forever to get to the top! One thing I loved about Winter Park is that my feet hit the ground nicely and I mentioned it to the instructor that and she said that they did it that way because of the kids! So, short people like me, have not to worry! YAY, huge bonus!

If you read my first blog about my knee injury, you will learn that the cause of my fall, besides my husband was a freaking 3 year old kid so I was terrified by kids skiing around or in front of me. Well, if you know me you know that I believe that we attract to us the good and the bad with our thoughts… so whenever I saw a kid my brain would immediately take me to the day I fell at Sugar Bowl… and although I didn’t want to hit the kid, I was taken directly towards the little bastard. Maybe, unconsciously I wanted revenge. As I headed directly to strike the kid, my brain was screaming Fog, fog, fog and I could hear the ski instructor who was right behind me, say “put your eight in your left feet and point your toe to your right side… look to your right and you will go there.” Although I knew what I had to do, I couldn’t do it and guys, it was terrifying… I finally looked away from the kid and pointed my toe to my right… It was so close guys, I probably missed the freaking kid by an inch or two and off I went back on track and down the hill. That was my first almost incident.

I was practicing my turns with the instructor… the other two were more advanced skiers so she stayed with me most of the time and we were going on freaking high runs… we got to a part of the hill that my mind could not, in no way, let me venture and my legs stopped me by making me fall. My body was afraid of me, I guess… so she send the two down the hill and we went to the easiest way… and I’m not ashamed to say that. But remember, the easiest way in Colorado is not the same as Sugar Bowl! That was the first day we skied. My husband was practicing his sharp turns and stops on the blue and black runs!

The second day I was alone with Steve… The poor guy, instead of going do his thing, he chose to stay with me, which in a way, I was grateful for and at the same time I was a bit frustrated because he would ski in front of me and guys, I need space to feel safe. At some point I was skiing so close to him that I freaked out as we got to a huge slope and I fell… he helped me to get up as this time he was behind me. I felt like I was holding him back and I felt bad about it but I kept asking him to go and he didn’t want to leave me so I asked him to please go in front of me but faster so I could feel safer… I’m not so sure why I was so scared…

We kept skiing and again we ended up on a huge slope and again, my body wanted to feel safe and it knew that if I went down that slope I would probably hit a bunch of people… as when I get scared instead of going on the other direction away from people and obstacles, I tend go straight to them… it didn’t happen, because I fell again but I’m sure it would. Our imagination is something out of this world! Watch out!! Be aware of it and control it, because you can! It’s all in your mind… and I’m saying this to myself guys but feel free to take the advice!

As I was down, I looked up to see if I was on someone’s way, I saw a young woman skiing towards me. “Oh fog, she is going to hit me and fall too.” I thought, but there was nothing I could do because I was down on a very steep slope ahead of me and I couldn’t get up… I have no idea how she went around me, because she too, was freaking out about that slope and was coming down on a big wedge… her boyfriend, fiancé or husband, whoever that guy was to her, passed by and did a fast turn around me extending his hand to me. He was gorgeous guys! Oops, I guess I should not say that, right? Whatever, the guy was tall and handsome, what can I do? Lie to you? or worse, to me?! Nah! Anyway, his partner was a bit down the hill with my husband and they were both watching us. That was a funny scene! I will write it on my next book, let me make a note of that. Anyway, I was passing my poles from hand to hand, all confused (every time I find myself in a difficult or embarrassed situation I tend to become very confused, it is so funny) of what to do with the poles and he said he could hold them for me and I wanted to be helpful so I grabbed both poles on my right hand, stuck them in the snow and hold them firm to help me help him to help me to stand (did I get you confused with that sentence?) and grabbed his hand with the other hand. He pulled me up… kinda… because it was hard to get up… but he held my hand very firm and said, “it’s okay, I got you, come straight up.” but it was so hard. I was in a very awkward position, holding on to him, kinda pulling him down and holing the poles trying to pull myself up… but up I went! I thanked him profusely and he went back to his partner. My husband thanked him too when he reached them. You know, there’s one thing that I have to say about skiers: They are a bunch of amazing helpful and kind of people! I’m so grateful! My husband and I went down on the easier way to the village and the couple went down that huge slope. One day I’ll be confident enough with my skills to go down that route, but not so soon.

Anyway, I survived guys! I came back home in one piece!! And I can’t wait to go back… to any place with snow that I can ski… but that’s not going to happen until my knee is completely healed! And for that, I have to thank my doctors and especially Katie and her team from PRN Carlsbad.

Until my next adventure guys! You can see some pictures of the trip on Instagram @belcanzoneri.

Cheers and stay safe.

Isabel Canzoneri

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Sometimes You Just Have To Scream… In the Middle Of Nowhere!

Hi guys,

Hope all is well with you. My last blog I told you about an attempt to murder that happened to me last week. Did you see it?

I don’t really have really news on my own. I do, but it’s actually old news that was supposed to happen in 2020 but I’m glad it’s happening now… hopefully! I’ll tell you about below!

In 2020 I submitted my film Deep In Her Heart and then… the pandemic happened! It was screened online in some festivals and actually won some rewards! Thanks @filmconsd San Diego Film Week, @rebrupresents @thornbeer & @ReBruSpirits! it will be screened live on 03/27 @rebrupresents! Tickets and details here!

I also would like to share a project with you that it is very good and honestly, I loved it because it resonates with me in so many levels. Ladies, you are going to love this one!! Please watch it ladies!! It’s what we women do, we support each other, don’t we?

If you are and actor from San Diego you might recognize someone in it and I’m absolutely in love it this project and I hope Michele can get funded and finish the first season! No, I hope she can fund beyond the first season because this project is worth!

Check out the Kickstarter campaign where you can actually watch an episode: I know you will love it!

I backed it and I wish I could help more and I found a way to do so. I’ll be giving the procedures of the sales of my book The American Dream And Everything In Between, from today until the end of February to help this project. So, if by any chance you thought of getting a copy of my book, now it would be a great time. And if you buy it, please, post a review on Amazon, Barnes & Nobel or Goodreads if you really enjoy it! And if you would like to support me even more, perhaps you could post a review in all of them and share with your friends. Too much? Okay, so, one of them would be great and I would really appreciate it. Thank you! 😊

Back to the Middle of Nowhere project, believe me when I say this, because I’ve been there. Raising money to help bring to life our projects is far from easy. Any amount helps… it doesn’t matter how much. Just 1 dollar goes a long way in the process of filmmaking… you can ask any filmmaker or any individual who asked for help to make their project a reality. There are so many things that we need the money for. From food to cast and crew to equipment, location to costumes, license fees to insurance and of course the cast and crew themselves, after all, although actors and crew love what they do, they appreciate being paid for it. Believe me when I say this, no money received, goes to the pockets of the creator of the campaign because it will never be enough if they want to deliver great quality content!

No money to spare? No problem! It would help a lot if you could share the campaign on your social media. It really is a great one. You guys know, I’m always behind all projects that come my way and I share it with my people and social media too, so why would this one be different, apart from the fact that I know personally one of the actors in the project, and I love her!! She is a great actress and I hope you have a chance to see more of her, playing along with all the great actors in it.

So, if you feel so inspired by the first episode, please, consider donating something… as I said, just 1 dollar can make wonders for the production and I’m not kidding when I say this. You can connect to Michele Palermo, the project’s creator and Director on Twitter and Instagram. Help her to raise awareness about this amazing project.

Thanks guys… and I hope this time people can see my little film in the theater… well… in this case, a bar! And Ladies, if everything is going wrong for you, do what Lisa did! What? You didn’t watch it?! Please, do… Support Michele Here! You won’t regret!


Isabel Canzoneri





Author Page

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I’ve always been an adventurer. Since I was young, I would walk miles and miles on my neighborhood looking for little adventures with friends or alone. I used to go to parks and little squares and sit there for a while. While I was in those parks, I think I daydreamed a lot. I can’t even remember what I dreamed about. I was always creating dialogues in my mind. It’s funny as I write this page, I can see me clearly seated on a bench or on an edge of a hill of a little park, just contemplating and watching the dialogues inside my head like a film in the screen or I would just be watching people going by. I watched people a lot. Often imagining what they had in their minds. Some of them walking alone fast or slow. Some looked worried, I could see they frown on their forehead; some seemed happy, I could see a smile forming on their lips. Some looked very peaceful and some very stressful. It’s funny to look back and think of them now. I swear I can even see their faces now in my head. I think I might be a witch or something. Or perhaps, a storyteller! I had absolutely no idea, one day I would be playing characters on a real screen and other people would see me on TV, in films or commercials. Or even further, that I would create my own stories in books and/or film them and present to the world.

Now that I’m thinking about it all, I believe that, deep down, we know what we came here for and it’s clear to me now that we all have stories to tell and we all can create art and present it to the world proudly.

This is one of them and I shall say that, I’m grateful for the child that I was, who always looked up at the stars with a heart filled of excitement and love for the unknown or the forgotten known, if you believe in reincarnation!

It was the last day… I was in Truckee, Lake Tahoe with my husband, skiing. That was my first time and I was completely in love. The first day I had a three-hour class and fell countless times and did not get hurt once. In the afternoon I continued skiing and was not falling anymore. However, I had a lot of problems getting off the chair. I fell a couple of times after I got off of it and when we got back to the hotel I wrote Kent, a teacher from my town. I had practiced a bit with him in his rolling carpet snow simulator in Encinitas. I didn’t believe it would be the same thing but for my surprise it was pretty close to what we experience in the snow itself. He was very excited to hear about my first day and my trouble with the chair and he gave me a tip for not falling. All I had to do was not to look on my skis when they touched the ground, look ahead, reach ahead of me as if I was going to answer an old telephone on the wall and I would be good and I would not fall, he told me. That was exactly what I did and for my amazement I never fell again!

I was all good until…

A two-year old little girl lost her right ski when her and her parents got out of the lift chair.  Her father, who was holding her, somehow lost her and she fell on the little slope, off-course, and the guy who was taking care of the lifts on top got out of his cabin and went to her rescue. He lifted her up and stood in front of her, facing the incoming chairs…

Oh fog! I thought… but I had learned how to turn and I was confident in my skills so I waited patiently to get to the slop. The people on the next chair of course were Steve and I, so we’d better act fast. My head started spinning, consumed with thoughts in the few seconds we had before our skis touched the ground. Kent came to my mind and I knew what I was going to do… exactly what I had been doing all morning.  So, I reached for the imaginary phone on the wall and stood up when my skis hit the ground. I looked at the guy in front of me, blocking the little girl, and he smiled and then made a fear face and half covered his eyes, still smiling and I gave him a big smile back in gratitude, and when the chair pushed me to turn around, I was ready to turn right (my worse side turn that I was actually practicing all morning and was getting very good at it)… before I continue, I have to tell you about a funny thing that happened in my class the day before. My instructor was great and we progressed fast because of the rolling carpet experience I had before my trip, so when we went on the rolling carpet to take the little hill down we stopped on the side of the hill and he said: “Let’s cross to the other side instead of going down so you can practice the turns. Watch me and then follow me there.” and off he went ahead of me and when the turned to face me he said: “your turn. come to me.” And I took the leap! When I got to the middle I suddenly turned left and down the hill I went! And he followed me… I put myself in wedge and stopped almost at the bottom. I was not able to do that and if you know me, you know I was laughing the whole time. He told me I needed to put the weight in the left leg so I could go to where he was and we went up again in the carpet… well, same thing happened. For the life in me, I could not do that. It felt like if I did I would cross my skis and fall flat to the ground. We talked about it and I mentioned that I had the same problem with bicycle, but to turn left. Still today, I always have to slow down to turn left in the bike. And he explained to me that most people have that problem and the reason is because our brain is telling us not to trust that side. Anyway…

When I put my weight in my left leg to turn and go to the right, I felt a hand pushing me further to the side and I guess the pressure of the strong hand made me put more weight that I needed and to the ground I went! On the very end side of the chair, where there was a yellow stick on the ground, which indicates you should not pass that line as there was a deeper fall in the edge. I think Steve thought I would run into them… Yes, my beloved husband.

I was on the ground in excruciation pain! Dear lord!!! I could not, for the life in me, get up so I grabbed my hurt leg very carefully and dragged myself further to the right side to be off the path so other people from next chair could go on without hitting the guy and little girl and off course myself or my skis. Nobody ever did because all they had to do was to turn, right or left!

I was so mad at my husband… he could have gone to the left side or just slowdown to let me go instead of just pushing me to the side.

I could not see anyone else. I just heard voices going by and no idea what they were saying. I was dealing with a lot of pain, for Christ’s sake! But more than that, I was probably ashamed. I always tell people I don’t care what people think of me, and I really don’t but for some reason, I was embarrassed . A woman from the ski school came to me and tried to help me to stand but hell, there was no way I could do that… one tiny little movement on my knee, leg, whatever… I don’t even know which, and I was seeing starts! Not the stars you see on tv or the ones on the skies, but the ones that we see when we are in great pain. If you ever felt pain like this, you’d probably saw them, if not, you never had this kind of pain!

I dragged myself to the other side and got completely away of other people’s way and after a while, various painful attempt to move my leg, with that woman’s help and my pole, I was able to stand up. But I was unable to put any stress on my knee as any little twist, especially to the right, the pain was truly unbearable. I kept asking Steve why did he do that and he kept saying he didn’t do anything. I didn’t want him to touch me. That’s how mad I was at him at that moment. The woman from the school asked me if I wanted her to bring help so I could be taken down the slopes on a carrier. She noticed my hesitation and asked if I wanted to try to go down on my own so I tried, very carefully, putting my weight only on my ankle and boot and I could see it was possible to try that and I did. I was able to go downhill on my own… with my pride bruised! Followed by my husband and this lovely lady.

I spent about one hour at lunch time and I wanted to see if I could keep going… I was in love with the new hobby I had just learnt and it had been in my mind since I visited Breckenridge, Colorado in 2004. And then suddenly I was not mad at my husband anymore. After all, he introduced me to my ski. In fact, he paid for the three hours class I had the day before with an amazing instructor from Sugar Bowel. But I still blamed him. I would not let him get away with murder. And I think he felt guilty because he kept looking at me and my knee with a face of a dog who knows he did something wrong. You know that face! Every time he looked at me like that I wanted to laugh, but I didn’t because I was in pain but mostly to punish him. But his face alone was enough for me to forgive him, just like I would forgive my dog or cat for any wrong doing. After all I have to believe he had everyone’s best interest in had when he pushed me to death!

I kept massaging my knee, still in great pain and a couple, who was having lunch on a table next to us noticed and offered me some medication. The wife had Advil, Tylenol and Ibuprofen in a cute little pouch. In other words, she was prepared. This probably happened to her before, I jumped to conclusion and assumed. I chose Advil and she gave me two, which I took gladly. She could have given me drugs, you know, the other kind, and I would have taken anyway, to try to get rid of the pain I was in. Steve, my husband, got me some ice so I kept pressing that on my knee… but any little twist on my knee was hurtful… really painful still.

After a while, I stood up, went to the restroom and felt a little better. Very little… not really better, but I came back for the restroom, and told Steve I was going to try and see if I could ski again. He was not all for it but supported me in my decision. I would dare him not to! I put my gear back on and stepped back on my skis and took me on a new journey on the chair… alone because Steve was scared to death to go with me on the chair again! With reason!!

I was not putting absolutely no stress on my injured knee and I had to do a tremendous effort using my arms to pull me through the flat surface to get back to the chair lift, with the help of my poles. I was a little uncertain of myself but it felt right so I kept going and as it was not hurting, as long as I kept the weight only on the boot I was good and I arrived at the chair lift and off I went back up, alone in the chair with Steve following suit behind me on the next chair. He wanted to make sure I would be okay. Or was it? Is that love or remorse? I don’t know but I took that as at least caring… or was it guilty?

Before I went on the chair, I made absolutely sure that two chairs ahead of me would be empty as I didn’t want to have any incident ahead of me, making me consumed with anxiety… The chair lifters supervisor seemed to understand why. He asked how I was doing and only then I recognized him. He was the one who came to rescue the little girl on the top of the lift. He had come down, perhaps for lunch time, or maybe that episode traumatized him, I didn’t dare to ask, prompted by my bruised ego. However, it felt good that he asked me how I was doing. It showed that he cared, and perhaps felt bad for me. He must have seen so many incidents like mine on those mountains. So off I went up again, massaging my knee and when I was arriving on top, my heart skipped a bit or two. Fear tried to take over me and I felt less confident now but there was no way back and as soon as my skies touched the ground again, I pulled myself up, looking ahead and prepared to myself for the worse. My knee could give in, I knew that and my heart started to beat faster. It was a fraction of second and I was in “pizza” position. There was no one on top to distract me so I put my weight on my right leg and down I went. I was terrified to try to turn right and I knew at some point I would have to transfer my weight to the left leg to go to the right, so I was mostly in pizza position all the way to the bottom of the hill.

Steve never passed me as he always did the countless other times when we came down the hill together. He is very competitive and even knowing I’m just a beginner, actually a baby beginner as that was only my second day skiing, he would never let me pass him.

This time however, he stayed behind me the whole time.

Off course this is what I tell myself, as this could be only in my head and not in his… and that’s also why I was so slow… I was not putting any weight on my left knee. I went back up a few times after that and felt my confidence come back with each trip back up.

Steve denies he pushed me and he doesn’t believe in ghosts… but as there was only the two of us in that chair… and because I believe in spirits, I have to think that there was a freaking ghost in that chair with us!! However, because I don’t believe in mean spirits, well, at least I never encounter one that was mean up to this point in my life, what I really think is that I’m absolutely certain that my husband tried to kill me last week!

And as if that was not enough, as we got home and I’m off my feet to heal my swollen and painful knee, he is already planning another trip as soon as another snow storm hits Tahoe or anywhere else, maybe East Coast… Vermont perhaps… but this time I’ll be well prepared. My plan is to let him go on the chair ahead of mine and I won’t take my eyes away from him as he goes down the hill, and he wont have another chance to knock me down and glorify himself with an “accident” on the slopes. Hell, perhaps I’ll even wear knee braces next time and I’ll also bring a little cute pouch with pain killers.

Have a wonderful day!

Isabel Canzoneri

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Happy New Year!

Hi everyone, today is January 1st, 2022 and it’s a day for hope for a New Year. And I’m hopeful! I’m hopeful for a better year for everyone, everywhere.

I have nothing to complain about 2021, but I know so many people that lost their loved ones this year for Covid-19 and other health problems that I can’t ignore that 2021 was not a good one for many, so I’m hopeful that 2022 will be a good year for all.

I know by experience that the holidays at the end of the year are not the best ones. Everyone that I know, including myself, who lost a loved one, no matter what time of the year or how long ago, there’s a different way of seeing these holidays. For some, this time of the year, brings a lot of grief and depression and again, my hope for 2022 is that every single person who feel somewhat sad, depressed or in deep pain and grief for losing a loved one, is for a year of healing. A year for restoring peace of mind and the sense of hope. Hope for a better health. Hope for a better year… hope for healing… hope for a bit of happiness.

In Brazil, my home country, most of people usually celebrate the New Year at the beach, mostly everyone dressed in white and at midnight we jump seven waves to bring luck to the New Year!

I was not in Brazil this year, like most of the years, since I moved to the United States, 14 years ago. And I certainly didn’t wait up until midnight… I was in bed around 8:30 pm! But, today I went to the beach and it couldn’t be better. The tide was very low and the usually little sand room for walk was huge. Very large sand area, and for my surprise, the beach was full of people walking around. And even thought the amount of people was higher than usual, it was still very empty. Very different from Brazil, where you can barely walk two steps without having to move to the side so other people can go by.

I took my shoes off and off to the water I went! Jumped my seven waves and thrown five rocks on the ocean with an intention for each stone thrown. This is a habit I picked up here, with three other friends here, about five or seven years ago. Now I can’t go to a beach without throwing some rocks with intentions! I also brought back home 7 rocks for my garden. I love them! The rocks! After the beach we stopped for sushi and Steve ordered something different and it came in flames on a big dish. Very good. I forgot the same… something scallops. You can ask the chefs at Sushi Kuchi in Carlsbad! We love that place. And no, this is not a paid promo for them.

Oh, I almost forgot, my last gig was a stage reading, directed by John Tessmer and it took place at La Jolla Library on December 14th. Now, I’m happy to say that on January 8th at 2 pm, and January 10th at 6 pm, at the same location, I will be a part of it again!! I thought it was very interesting that my last gig of the year was this amazing event and I’m starting the year and my first gig will be the same thing. You can find more information about the event in the following link. DEAL ME IN: 15 Short Plays, Poems & Prose Pieces about Climate Change is the name of the event and I hope you have an opportunity to see it. If you care about environment and animals like I do, and if you live in San Diego, I’m absolutely sure you are going to love it.

Now, I have a surprise for you. To celebrate the great reviews my bookThe American Dream and Everything in Between – Diary of an Immigrant” received this year, I’m making if available for you for free, through Kindle on Amazon, tomorrow, January second as a token of my appreciation for all your support and love. If you like, please, I would love if you could post a review on Amazon for me. It helps a lot, even if it is a very short review, like “I liked it.” or “Interesting book.” or even if you just give 3, 4 or 5 star if you like it a lot. And please, stay in touch. Subscribe to this blog because I’m finishing writing a “sort of romance” book and I intend to publish it this year and I promise I will let you know first hand and will let you purchase it in advance with a big discount before it everyone else! Thank you guys!!!

Now… my dear friend, Mike Zafra, sent me a message and I have to share it with you all because it’s simply too beautiful, so here it is: “May this new journey around the sun that we will start together be wonderfully peaceful and fulfilling. May it be a journey during which we are more united, we cooperate more with each other, we understand each other better, during which we stop competing and start to resonate as one, during which we stop pointing out our differences and understand that we are all equal. May we forget indifference and practice empathy. May we leave individualism aside and live as a team. May we not use Nature, but integrate with it. May we not continue destroying the planet, but instead heal it. May we reach the end of this journey for evermore united, strong, aware, alive, happy, healthy, loving. May 2022 spark a new journey through the Universe together in peace and in harmony!!! A strong real and tight hug, a fraternal hug, a sincere hug, a loving hug, a HAVE A WONDERFUL TRIP AROUND THE SUN hug!”

Isn’t it beautiful?! I love it!!

Today you will have some cool pictures as a bonus. 🙂 Enjoy!

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Hope For A New Year

As we get closer and closer to the New Year, we all have hopes and dreams for a better year.

COVID was still here this year and we all were hoping it would be over by now, at least those of us, who got vaccinated and as I’ve seen people close to me lose their loved ones, still I see people making fun of us, who wear still masks. I never cared about what people think of me and that didn’t change, I still don’t care and I will wear mask for as long I feel it’s necessary. To be honest, I may wear it forever because it benefits me for my allergy to environment. It also helped my husband who had flu every year but not for the past two years, as he has been wearing them. So, yes, that helps and works. That’s a proof right there!

I have both vaccines plus the booster and one may say that I’m being ridiculous, that if the vaccine was good, I wouldn’t need to wear mask but I wear the mask not only for my protection for also for those I encounter, whether they are vaccinated or not. I wish people would respect other people’s opinions but, like a friend says, “it is what it is.’, and I’m not here to judge you for not believing in the virus, or in the masks, or in the doctors, or in the science, that’s not my problem, but in my humble opinion, all those who are not vaccinating or not wearing masks are just delaying the solution for the problem, and we all have to deal with it and this is the way I deal with it.

I have no patience and this year took all of it from me. but I still had a lot of fun and was able to center myself and not let other people to push my buttons, so I’m totally okay! Hope you are too! Breathe… if you are not! It helps a lot… at least it helps me. Meditation, walks in the nature, especially at the beach, listen to music, good music please! Those are things that I lived by this year and will bring them to 2022!

Changing the subject a bit, I will have a wonderful and very needed vacation next month… next year, it’s funny to say that as we are only four days away from next year! I’ll ski for the first time in my life! Although I have seen snow, driven in snow, made angels on the snow, ice skated in snow, wait… ice skate in snow? Well kinda sorda, right? You know what I always wanted to do, was to ice skate over a frozen lake but my fear is that the ice will crack and I will end up froze! haha Did you notice my ability to change subject and not finish my thoughts? Geez! Nice to meet you!

May 2022 brings us all peace and health. May 2022 bring us all joy and love. May we all able to love and respect one another as well as all the animals, after all, we all share the planet. We breath the same air. In fact, if you stand next to another person, you will probably breath in the air that they exhale. How does that sound? Ew! So, yeah, I’ll still wear my mask!

Hope you can have fun, regardless of what comes your way. Happy New Year!

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What’s Something That Annoys You?

I guess there are many things that bother people on a daily basis or from time to time, but there’s one thing that annoys me more than anything… well, maybe not… there might be other things but this one guys…

So today I decided to find out why this thing irritates me so much and I googled it: “why do I get so irritated when someone eats with their mouth open?” Gah!

According to some sites that showed up and I only looked into three of them, this is the number one thing people really hate so I’m not alone. It’s number 1. Number 1! You can do your own research.

In another site, which appeared that there is a research about it and it turns out it’s a condition called misophonia. Great, more search…

“Misophonia is a disorder in which certain sounds trigger emotional or physiological responses that some might perceive as unreasonable given the circumstance. Those who have misophonia might describe it as when a sound “drives you crazy.” Their reactions can range from anger and annoyance to panic and the need to flee.”

What?! Geez… More Google search guys and I finished my search with this site and now I’m concerned about my mental health! Just kidding guys, but seriously… please tell me that it annoys you too, or something else that you are annoyed by so I feel like I’m a normal person. At least I’m not at the level of rage. (Yes rolling… laugh)

Well back to my editing… I feel like I’ll never finish the other two episodes of Resident Managers that I’ve been working on for over a month now… there’s always something that happens that divert my attention… should I be concerned about that too? More search? Nah… or should I?

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. I’ll have an amazing week ahead and I wish you the same.

Have a wonderful holiday! Don’t eat too much. JK, you can do whatever you want and it’s not because I say so, but because you really can do whatever the heck you want and it’s no one’s business.

Bye now!

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